Wholesale Nursery NC

20110330_27Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees is a wholesale grower of quality Fraser firs. We produce countless trees that make their ways into the lives and homes of people around the country each year. In fact, one of our very own earned itself a place in the White House. Our nursery is located in Sparta, NC, but our service area knows no boundaries. When the season nears and retailers look for the finest trees to sell, our farm doesn’t disappoint. There is more than just our reputation on the line, especially since we’re typically behind the scenes, so we strive to grow and sell only the best. Besides, our trees serve as centerpieces for the joyous holiday, so they must be picture-perfect.

There is much more to a Christmas tree than its looks. Although, the appearance of a tree can speak of its health. A Fraser fir’s branches should turn up (meaning it’s strong), its color should be dark bluish green, and it generally has a pleasant scent. Their needle retention is great, and they ship exceedingly well. Nobody purchases a Christmas tree in hopes that it won’t last a week. At the very least, it has to make it to the main event and serve its purpose, but if it wasn’t taken care of prior to its final owner bringing it home, then that may be unlikely.

You see, trees that are bought wholesale and not choose-and-cut, have a more strenuous journey to endure. There is a longer period in between the time that it’s cut and the time it takes its final position in the home or shop. It has more travel time, as well. The Fraser firs from Homer and Bonnie’s wholesale nursery in NC are grown to withstand these hurdles. None of the above should be a concern of anyone’s looking to purchase our homegrown trees.