North Carolina Fraser Fir Buy Five Year Seedling Trees

20110330_8North Carolina is a leading producer of Christmas trees, and Fraser firs are a common specialty. Many farms and nurseries are family-owned businesses that invest years upon years into their service. It’s certainly not a profession for dabblers. The most basic reason is the fact that it takes anywhere from five to eight years to grow the typical six to seven foot tree. It’s not a waiting game for that period either. Shearing and pruning are an annual task, along with other behind-the-scenes responsibilities.

The majority of the population does have an ideal tree in mind, but they don’t pin down every detail. Compared to years ago, it does seem that tree shoppers have gotten more particular about what they’re looking for, but only serious aficionados pay attention to the age of the tree. Some may prefer five year seedling trees, while others may find older seedlings have had more time to grow into their prime shape. Whatever are your specifications, Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees will do our best to meet them. We offer wholesale Fraser firs of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Whether you’ve worked with a supplier before or not, we hope you find working with us to be a treat. We believe in genuine customer service, and appreciate every act of business. Our trees could sell themselves, but it’s always a plus when you like the people, too. Our team works hard every year to ensure our products are the best they can be. We stay on top of the ways of the industry, but also stay true to tradition and how it was when we started. If you’re in need of buying Fraser fir seedlings, consider Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees of North Carolina.