Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

20110330_17Oh Fraser Fir, Oh Fraser Fir, of All the Trees Most Lovely
According to various polls, the Fraser fir is the most popular Christmas tree. It comes as no surprise, especially to us, and is one of the reasons we specialize in Fraser fir seedlings alone. Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees is a wholesale nursery that works with dealers all around the world to provide top-quality trees to the homes and places that celebrate Christmas. Live trees are still in high demand. At the same time, the pressure is on to have the most perfect trees. Customers know what they want these days.

Fraser firs typically meet the standards put forth by shoppers naturally. Our firs, particularly, are raised from the beginning to fulfill this purpose. Sometimes, though, despite all valiant efforts, you come across a tree that just wasn’t meant to be a Christmas tree. While shearing can take under 60 seconds for one tree, it can very easily take what seems like an hour for another. In any case, the staff of Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees works diligently to produce trees of the highest quality.

If you are a dealer looking to feature Fraser firs on your lot this season, browse our site to see what we have to offer. North Carolina is a premier grower of Fraser firs, and our 1,400 acre farm makes the most of these conditions. Both you and your customers will know they’re fine trees, and look forward to them year after year. They ship exceedingly well, have softer needles, put off a pleasant scent, and form an aesthetically pleasing shape. Trust us when we say, you want to have Fraser fir Christmas trees available.