Christmas Trees North Carolina

20110330_22Looking to buy Fraser firs in bulk? Picking out a single tree is hard enough, let alone purchasing them in large quantities. You want to be sure you find the right nursery and trust you’ll get a good batch. You’ll discover many options in North Carolina, but none compare to Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees.

From day one, we grow them to be high-quality trees. We nurture them so that they remain strong and healthy and can fulfill their purpose. They aren’t just products to us. Every one of our trees is a symbol of natural beauty. They represent the joy that they’ll soon be a part of when a family brings one home or a shop owner places one in the front window. Raising trees isn’t just a hobby to us. It’s what we do, and we do it well. It makes us feel great knowing that our hard work and commitment allows so many others to celebrate the Christmas season with an almost magical, live tree.

Whatever your location may be, we can arrange to ship our trees right to you. If you’re close enough, stop on by to take a peek. We would love to meet you in person, and show you our nursery up close. Every time we take on a new customer, there is the hope that it will turn into a relationship. Ideally, they will learn they can depend on what we deliver, and won’t want any other trees than the ones we offer. Our Fraser fir Christmas trees are one of a kind, and available to you.