Christmas Trees in North Carolina

20110330_18Christmas trees in North Carolina are not hard to find in the western part of the state. Farms line the mountainsides, like many wouldn’t believe, and as the Christmas season approaches, numerous additional retailers pop up. Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees specializes in growing and selling wholesale top-quality Fraser firs. Though we offer our trees in bulk, we raise them one by one. No tree is neglected, as every single one requires our attention and labor. We pour an unlimited amount of hours, year after year, into nurturing our Fraser firs toward ideal heights, sizes, and shapes. Not a day before they reach this do we let them go; and when we do, they’re off to fulfill their purpose.

Whether the trees travel to a farmer’s market in Virginia or a retail lot in Maryland, they’ll live up to the expectations. The name itself of Fraser Fir is respected, as it’s a popular tree of choice. When you add our nursery’s standards on top of that, you can expect nothing but the best. Wholesale is a little less personable than a choose-and-cut experience, but we still strive to make it pleasant, and work toward having repeat customers. This won’t happen if what we offer is less than satisfactory.

White pine, Douglas fir, Colorado Blue spruce, Arizona cypress, they all are among the favorites of Christmas trees, but there is something special about the Fraser fir. It looks nice in any room, and has a scent anyone would enjoy. You won’t find them just anywhere, and you certainly won’t find them grown to the level they are here at Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees nursery. The search is over; let the arranging begin.