Christmas Tree Wholesale

20110330_19Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees is a family owned nursery offering wholesale Fraser fir Christmas trees from the mountains of North Carolina. We provide our top-quality Fraser firs to retailers of all sorts. Whether you’re considering selling Christmas trees for the first time or are a seasoned seller with years of experience, be sure to take a look at what we offer.

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers of the Fraser fir industry, and appreciate every retailer who has ever trusted our follow-through of delivering fresh, healthy trees. With about a 1,400 acre farm, we prepare and work year round for the two-month season. We ship all over, and welcome your business no matter how far.

If this will be your first time selling, get ready for an enjoyable challenge. Many shoppers will be in great spirits when they arrive on your lot, but they also want to find the most perfect tree. You need to have trees that are fresh and available. You don’t want to run out too soon and have to turn people away; they may write you off for following years. Anyone can purchase wholesale trees and try to sell them retail, but the difference is knowing how to sell them, and of course, having a better product than your competitors. When you order from Homer and Bonnie’s, you’re ensuring the latter.

It’s up to you what types of trees you’re going to offer, but we specialize in only Fraser fir. They are in high demand, especially in our region, and are a personal favorite of our family’s. They have a great, non-overwhelming fragrance, soft needles that don’t prick, and a beautiful shape and appearance. Sell as much of a variety as you desire, but we recommend including Fraser fir in there above all else.