Christmas Tree Farms in NC

20110330_26Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees is one of the finest Christmas tree farms in NC featuring wholesale trees at affordable prices. Whether you are coordinating a holiday fundraiser or planning to sell Fraser firs at your local farmers’ market, we invite you to consider our nursery as your supplier. We are located in Sparta, North Carolina, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains where trees grow to a level above the rest.

We feature top quality, well-groomed trees that your customers will love. We ship all over and package accordingly. With about 1,400 acres of trees, we have a solid inventory, and an equally great selection. What separates our farm from others is consistency. You can come back year after year expecting the same quality of service and product, and we won’t let you down. Having over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are here to stay. The last thing a wholesaler wants to happen is to run out of trees or sell a dealer a batch of unsatisfactory ones. A customer who won’t come back is the biggest threat. We recognize this and do what we can to prevent it.

Nowadays, at least for the general population, it’s hard to imagine getting a Christmas tree any other way than buying it at retail. However, this service is just over 100 years old. We have been in the business for half of the industry’s existence. Our establishment as a wholesale nursery in North Carolina has strong roots. This wouldn’t be possible if nobody saw any value in our Fraser firs. If you’re close by, or even if you’re not but you’re willing and able to make the trip, we invite you to come visit our farm. Those who can’t make it, browse our site and call us with any questions. We want you to learn all about Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees, so you feel comfortable working with us to fulfill your Christmas tree needs.