Bulk Christmas Tree Nursery

20110330_9Live Christmas trees are still a big hit these days over the joyous holiday. In fact, it seems that people are getting more and more serious about picking out the right tree. This means more pressure all the way down the line, to the retailer and the supplier. Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees offers wholesale homegrown Fraser firs to dealers worldwide. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years; a little pressure isn’t going to shake up what experience has taught us with our nursery. Staying true to our practices, we trust in the quality of our product. Even the most finicky shopper will appreciate one of our beautiful seedlings.

If you’re looking to buy Christmas trees in bulk, wholesale is the way to go. We have affordable prices, a great selection, and superior customer service. Working with the staff of Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas trees is a pleasant experience, just as it should be. After your first order, it’s our hope you’ll come to depend on us year after year to deliver the most wonderful Fraser firs. We grow them to be enjoyed, and without our dealers, they wouldn’t go to homes around the country or even world.

The 1,400 acres we farm is top terrain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s not easy but it sure is advantageous to run a Christmas tree farm here. It works in our favor to raise the finest Fraser firs. Whether you need them for your seasonal retail lot or a fundraiser, we’ll be happy to meet those needs. Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Tree nursery has the inventory, the quality, and the price you want. We will work with you to ensure that your shipment exceeds your expectations.