Buy Christmas Tree Online

20110330_53Are you a retailer of Christmas trees looking for a new supplier? If so, you just found yourself on the website of a premier North Carolina Christmas tree wholesale nursery, and we would love to work with you. We grow high-quality Fraser firs, and offer them to dealers around the world. Homer and Bonnie’s Christmas Trees are of a standard unlike any other. Still true to being family-owned and operated, we strive to make our relationships personable, and believe customer service has its place in every transaction, even online. We haven’t stayed in business for over 50 years by missing out on repeat customers. Likewise, we value quality just as much as, if not more than, the pickiest of Christmas tree shoppers. On account of our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, no matter how many trees you order, you won’t find a single one that was overlooked.

Our Fraser firs are great fundraising items, and pair well with wreaths and live garland. You can sell them any which way and be successful. It’s a rewarding business to be in, and worth all the work. With our brand behind the scenes, you’ll be off to a great start, simply by securing your inventory. Whether you operate in the same state as us or are thousands of miles away, we can arrange to supply you with the requested number of trees in no time.

When selecting a Christmas tree grower, it’s not as easy as finding the best deal online, or buying from the owner you like best. There are many factors to consider. For example, say you find one in Indiana who can offer you a decent variety, including Fraser firs. Fraser firs don’t do well with Indiana’s soil, however, so that probably wouldn’t be a wise business decision to purchase them there. When it comes to our nursery, all factors are in your favor.