About Us

homeandbonnie2Homer and Bonnie Sides have been in the Christmas tree business together for more than 50 years. They started growing Christmas trees in December 1951 in Forsyth County and relocated to the Laurel Springs area in 1961. The couple partnered up with Homer’s brother, Bruner Sides, and for 20 years began making the now popular Fraser Fir tree well known. In 1973, Homer and his brother Bruner won a national championship tree contest with one of their Fraser Firs, and as a result provided a tree to the White House. They each eventually branched out on their own.

homeandbonnie1Homer and Bonnie are both active members of county and state Christmas Tree associations. Homer is one of the founding members of the Alleghany Christmas Tree Association and is a former president of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association. Bonnie has served on the Fraser Fir committee and served as the president of the Alleghany County Christmas Tree Association. In 1994 Homer and Bonnie received the “Outstanding Service Award” from the Alleghany Christmas tree association for their service and dedication to the business. Homer and Bonnie now operate approximately 1,400 acres of trees in two states. Their business is completely dedicated to Fraser Firs that are sold wholesale worldwide.

They have now been residents of Alleghany County for over 20 years. Homer and Bonnie enjoy flying and line dancing. The couple have 3 daughters, who are also in the tree business.